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ready for the best shopping experience of your life?



  • Time to revamp your current style? 

  • Online shopping a time-consuming, overwhelming chore? 

  • Ready to crack the code to personal style and dressing well? 

  • Too busy to shop or endlessly research fashion? 

  • Is your closet filled with clothes that you aren’t sure how to wear? 

  • Wish you knew how to pull-off “effortlessly chic” with ease? 


…every piece of clothing you owned fit comfortably, made you feel attractive, and paired together so well you had dozens of unique outfits for any setting.

…you are complimented regularly, captured any room when you walked in, and had more romantic interest.

…you never wander aimlessly in a store again, trying to find anything that looks good, while dodging moody sales associates, sad fitting room lighting, and weekend crowds.

…you feel sexy in all your outfits, completely confident they were flattering and stylishly put together.

…you never schlep returns back to stores, deal with postage picks-ups, or keep an eye on credit card refunds again.


how life changing effortless dressing can be 


Hi, I’m NIcole Russo

NYC’s most knowledgable and dedicated private stylist and personal shopper.

I’ve worked with the fashion industry’s leading designers and dressed over 300 people to date, but my expertise runs beyond the runway and is customized to get results.

See my own before and after here.


Clients: Before & After

I thought that it would be intimidating. It was the opposite. You made me feel like there is space for me to be myself and still feel stylish and pretty.
— Aly, 37, Higher Ed, Manhattan
Polina, 32, speech therapist & small business owner

Polina, 32, speech therapist & small business owner

Client texts are pretty much the highlight of my job

Client texts are pretty much the highlight of my job

Texts from the client (left) after we finalized her sessions with a haircut.

Texts from the client (left) after we finalized her sessions with a haircut.

Mark, 29, Filmmaker

Mark, 29, Filmmaker

This experience continues to pay dividends down the line. I save time each morning, and feel confident in what I choose to wear. I look way cooler, but not like a try-hard.
— Andrew, 37, entrepreneur, father of two

Stay in Style

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How it works

Finally have outfits you are thrilled to wear. No more spending money hoping an item brings the look you covet. After working with me, you will have all you need, and have more chic options than ever before. Best of all? You won’t shop one bit.

@home + style discovery

Date collection

A closet run-through to discover your desired aesthetic and what you already have to support it.

  • Your purchasing patterns and fit challenges come to light.

  • A styling plan that flatters, fit, and excites you.

  • Learn how styling tricks, fabrication, and clothing trends build a closet that supports your look.


Luxury personal Shopping

Expert Application

Using my hawk-like personal shopping skills, I source everything that finalizes the looks you desire.

  • You don’t shop at all.

  • You don’t deal with returns or exchanges.

  • Hand-delivered, curated options.

  • Promotions and sales maximized.

Outfit creation

Style Artistry

@Home meticulous head-to-toe styling designed for individuality. Complete with images for future reference and clarity.

  • Your wardrobe works seamlessly together.

  • Expert tricks to style your unique features and body shape.

  • Outfits for every occasion you require.

Pack Away

SEamless Travel

Not sure how to pack for a trip? My tried-and-true system will pack you perfectly for any destination.

  • Carry less stuff.

  • Look hot and chic the entire trip.

  • Head-to-toe looks for every event, climate and mood.

More Than a Stylist


Customized significance 

Expert bespoke results. Customized to your preferences, body and style goals. It’s you, with the ‘after’ photo you always wanted. 

Compounded return over time 

Each season builds a wardrobe designed to look effortlessly chic for months - even years - to come. More freedom, time, and money to focus on what really matters. 


Influence sustainability 

Shop less, wear more, waste nothing. Use what you have and shop smarter to reduce consumerist waste and still experience that new clothes feel.

Discover the new

Introducing new fashion and style cracks open creativity. Your eyes open to a world of options. Inside your closet and out. 


Luxury Client Service

Yes, everything we do is for you.

  • VIP access to Nicole directly

  • Hand-delivered personal shopping options

  • Bespoke styles pre-selected based on your preferences

  • No handling returns or monitoring credit cards

  • Care resources and style solutions as needed

  • Ala carte services for established clients

  • Access to exclusive discounts

You could continue to avoid your closet…

You could continue to be frustrated you have nothing you feel good about wearing…

You could continue to feel bored…

You could continue to avoid shopping, wasting money and precious free time…


…or you can hire me and in a few sessions have the look you always dreamed of


No shopping. No figuring out how to wear it. No wondering if it fits. No overwhelm.

Just fun, sexy, confident, easy outfits personalized to you, your life, and get you noticed.

Let me be your Fashion Fairy Godmother*

*I guarantee services because your 100% satisfaction is my priority.

Working with me will:

  • Fill your closet with clothes that fit, flatter, and provide all the good feels.

  • Completely eliminate any frustration associated with shopping.

  • Significantly enhance your image, make daily dressing simpler, and bring in compliments.

Or, I will refund your service fee.


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