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  • Want to save time & money shopping but still have outstanding style? 

  • Online shopping a time-consuming chore that doesn’t deliver what you need?

  • Ready to crack the code to your personal style and dressing your best? 

  • Too busy to shop or endlessly research fashion? 

  • Is your closet filled with clothes that you aren’t sure how to wear & don’t feel great? 

  • Wish you knew how to pull-off “effortlessly chic” with ease? 


…every piece of clothing you owned fit comfortably, made you feel attractive, and paired together so well you had dozens of unique outfits for any setting.

…you are complimented regularly, captured any room when you walked in, and had more romantic interest.

…you never wander aimlessly in a store again, trying to find anything that looks good, while dodging moody sales associates, sad fitting room lighting, and weekend crowds.

…you feel sexy in all your outfits, completely confident they were flattering and stylishly put together.

…you never schlep returns back to stores, deal with postage picks-ups, or keep an eye on credit card refunds again.

 Working with so many people with different body types, needs, and limitations gave her a solid overview of what works on a variety of clients that goes beyond what even the most passionate amateur shopper can cultivate on their own. - Fast Company



how life changing effortless dressing can be 


Hi, I’m NIcole Russo

NYC’s most knowledgable and dedicated private stylist and personal shopper.

I’ve worked with the fashion industry’s leading designers and retailers, including (NET-A-PORTER, Theory, Bloomingdales & Anthropologie. I’ve dressed over 300 people to date, but my expertise runs beyond the runway and is customized to get dramatic results, save you time, and exceed what you think is possible.

See my own before and after here.


Clients: Before & After

I thought that it would be intimidating. It was the opposite. You made me feel like there is space for me to be myself and still feel stylish and pretty.
— Aly, 37, Higher Ed, Manhattan
Client texts are pretty much the highlight of my job

Client texts are pretty much the highlight of my job

Mark, 29, Filmmaker

Mark, 29, Filmmaker


Premier personal shopping and private styling

Ready to feel confident, creative, and successful in your clothes?


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“Everyone’s been talking about how chic I look...like everyday.”
— L.G, NYC, public relations maven

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