Arming men and women with a wardrobe that enhances their appearance while bringing incredible ease into looking stylish and dressing confidently.

Nicole Russo is a personal shopper and private stylist

In less than a decade, she has styled hundreds of people, sat front row at NYFW, was featured in Fast Company, and spent over four years working at luxury powerhouse NET-A-PORTER.

Her immersive approach to style is the most effective personal shopping experience on the market.

(actual client text)

(actual client text)

She blends the technical side of fashion with client preferences to build an ideal wardrobe that creatively & pragmatically fine-tunes their personal image.

Her insider’s grasp of fashion keeps you relevant and relatable, without ever looking like you tried too hard.


With this method, you not only save time and money, but eliminate frustration from commission-driven sales environments, that feeling of overwhelm from too many options and promises you’ll never feel shopping is a failure again.

Imagine…the reflection you have always wanted, extra brain-space to focus on what matters, more money to do your favorite things, and the coolest clothes to wear when you do.

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Nicole’s personal Style story

all is possible

When I was seventeen-year-old, I overate often and had a limited mindset. Growing up in the rural Catskills, fashion was exotic. Style’s major resource was the local strip mall.

I’d thumb through magazines, inspired by the world, but not believing it was possible for me.

I never felt ugly, but also never felt seen, significant, or noteworthy

In college, really attractive, successful, smart and kind-hearted women were everywhere.

They were inspiring.


Me, 17

I am on the left :)


me, 27


me, 25

Life in New York City energized me to take control of my appearance.

Over the years, I ate healthier (sugared cereal is not dinner), worked to heal my acne, learned to flatter and embrace my body shape, perfected my baby fine hair, and took fitness seriously.

Instead of wishing for a new me, I took action and polished the gorgeousness that was already there.

My fashion competency improved along with my self-worth.

And my appearance reflected that.

I learned to dress better. Until I felt better. Then one day, I was no longer learning or trying, I just was.


me, 30


Every year as I am more loving to myself (by appreciating and enhancing my unique features, mind, and spirit) what else could I become but better?

Being well-dressed and stylish is a part of how I live my life and who I am, not something outside of me because my body is a canvas for my creativity, self-love, and self-expression.

So now, I help people look better so they can feel better and get results faster and easier.

Flip flop soho.jpeg

What is there, is always there, just not yet seen.

me, now


Ready to discover how life changing effortless dressing can be?