Your Closet is a metaphor for your life.

Let’s get it together.


Let’s Get You democratizes fashion to Empower and create possibilitY. 


Our immersive hands-on approach coupled with an insider’s grasped of fashion is unlike anything else in personal shopping today. With this approach - regardless of your current image - anyone can unearth a more advanced style without reducing to overconsumption or shallowness. 

From this birds-eye view, your lifestyle choices, style preferences, goals, and budget are interpreted to configure how current clothing designs,, fabrication, tailoring, and trends help to determine your sizing, styling, and preferred aesthetic. Using this data, everything is sourced that will outfit you and finalize the head-to-toe looks you desire most. Leaving you with the reflection and ease of dressing you have always dreamed of.


For the last eight years, clients have ranged from:

  • Time-poor moms getting back to themselves
  • CEO’s annoyed by lack of fit options
  • Tech execs transitioning into creativity
  • Editors overwhelmed by online shopping
  • Lawyers vying for successful Bumble dates
  • 30-something’s bored from their 20's style
  • Bankers who never mastered business casual

work Experience






formal Education

Fashion Institute of Technology

B.S Advertising, Marketing Communications

Image Resource Center of NY

Styling certifications in color theory, menswear, & womenswear



Nicole’s personal Style story

all is possible


Me, 17

To be clear, I am on the left

Growing up in the rural Catskills, fashion was exotic. Style’s major resource was the local mall.

I’d thumb through magazines, inspired by style, but not believing it was possible for me.

In college, really attractive women existed elsewhere and not in the mirror reflecting back at me.

I never felt ugly, but also never felt seen, significant, or sophisticated


me, 27

Turns out that woman was always there.

I just hid her hidden under bad habits, misinformation, and attention placed in the wrong places.

As my fashion competency improved so did the my appearance.

I learned to do better. Until I felt better. Then one day, I was better.

That seventeen-year-old was sad, overate often, and had a limited mindset.


me, 25

Life as a student in New York City energized me to take control of my appearance.

My body became a canvas for my creativity.

Over the years, I ate healthier (sugar cereal is not dinner), healed my acne, learned to flatter and embrace my body shape, perfected my baby fine hair, and took fitness more seriously.

Instead of wishing for a new me, I took action and polished the gorgeousness that was me.


me, 30

Every year as I was more loving to myself (by appreciating and enhancing my unique features) what else could I become but better?

Effortless dressing became apart of how I lived my life and who I was, not something unavailable to me.

So now, I help people look better so they can feel better and do better too.

Flip flop soho.jpeg

What is there, is always there, just not yet seen.

me, now


Ready to discover how life changing effortless dressing can be?