Founded by a NYC stylist who went on too many dates with wonderful, sweet yet fashion-bewildered men.*

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About Nicole


Nicole has been described by friends and loved ones as a “loveable goofball.” She agrees, but would also like to add “devilishly stylish” to that description. Her love of fashion and styling all springs from one all-consuming ambition: to help people realize their potential and find comfort in being who they are.

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I used to be a redhead

I used to be a redhead


Years ago, she escaped the decidedly unhip world of the rural Catskills, NY, and made it to the city, wide-eyed and full of wonder. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, she charmed her way into a job as personal shopper and within seven years had worked her way through the retail market, from J.Crew to Bloomingdales, set up her own image consulting and styling business, all while working with some of the most prestigious luxury brands and e-tailers.  

After several years working with some of the most educated and successful clients in the world, she noticed that men were almost entirely overlooked in the world of personal styling.

There was a distinct lack of services for the fashion-bewildered male, something which she saw reflected in NYC’s dating scene. So many sweet, intelligent, and capable men lacked the know-how to match their inner qualities with their outward appearance.  And that’s why she decided to start Let’s Get You, a company grounded in the belief that men can easily dress the way they want to be seen. 

“The first ten minutes of sorting through clothing was like choosing which child of mine should live or die.” - Timothy Ferriss