The Story

This is the story of how Let's Get You came to be.

Looking for a meaningful relationship, I only dated men who had depth and interesting lives (not just flashy jobs and cool summer houses). Nice smile, passion for things? Swipe right. “work hard, play hard”? Swipe left.

Most of the men were all-around nice guys who would make wonderful boyfriends. They were poised conversationalists, established in their careers, kind and well-educated.

Still, something wasn't right.

With every date that came and went, most of them represented the other in the same way. Almost all my dates lacked thoughtfulness in how they dressed. It perplexed me why the best in heart and demeanor were missing the mark with their style.

Despite working in fashion, I did not expect or prefer men to look like they walked out of GQ, but I becoming overwhelmed how often the caliber of my date’s character was poorly represented in his personal presentation. It almost seemed like the higher quality his character, the greater missteps I would catch in his appearance.

As I investigated this phenomenon, I realized that men dressed in this way because they were overwhelmed by the available fashion advice, not necessarily unaware of the importance. Part of the curse of logic and intelligence is treating clothes solely in a utilitarian method. It wasn’t that these men didn't care or didn't care enough to find a solution.

Like a best friend or loving sister, I wanted to grab their shoulders and shake out all the hidden awesome the world couldn't see.

So instead of worrying about how many men were missing out, I help men end the style struggle and look first date ready, every day.