How to handle the attention

One of the most common forms of resistance to dressing better is the reaction you may get from your community.

When we change ourselves, we attract attention. Whether negative or positive, it will come, and likely make you feel exposed and vulnerable.

Our close relationships are much more comfortable with everything staying the same. No one else in this world can provide you with the joy of walking your own path.

Limiting risk out of fear of disapproval or attention is common, but it is a perspective you can, and should, change.

Here’s the deal and it’s super simple: anyone who minds that you changed the way you dress only matters as much as you allow them too. That includes your mom, best friend, or office mates. If wearing "skinny jeans" (also known as ones that fit) makes people around you uncomfortable, meet that resistance with indifference and continue on your merry way

Self acceptance is a constant work in progress.

Part of pushing ourselves to where we want to go is pushing through those anxious moments when we feel awkward, judged and incomplete. Those that criticize feel threatened and insecure.

Find compassion for them, but don’t comfort them in their limitations by limiting yourself.

Instead, ask yourself if you like it?

If yes, then ignore them and wear it anyway.

If they continue on, ask yourself if you’re still happy with your new appearance.

If yes, then ignore them and wear it anyway.

If they continue on and you have found nothing justifiably wrong with it, seriously consider getting new friends.

Then wear it anyway. 

In the end, some people may never get on board or understand your new look. Earn your stripes (hell, even wear them) and it will become easier to move away from negativity. Before you know it, you’ll feel the real power of lasting change: making it easier for those around you to be themselves too.