Who said you're too fat to dress well?

A first-time client once asked me what he should do about losing weight. He wanted to know if it was possible for him to dress well and still be large.

I wasn’t sure why he was asking me.  He seemed to like himself as is and wasn’t inclined to get in better shape. It seemed he wanted reassurance that looking great and being extra large weren't mutually exclusive.

My professional opinion was that yes, being slimmer would give him a wider range of options and it could save him money because smaller sizes are more widely available.

Still, it was entirely possible for him to dress sharp and look tailored.  

I assured him that changing his body was a decision he had to make for himself. In the meantime, we would dress him for the body he has and for the life he was living; not for a reality that has yet to materialize.

Ya see, to look good, you don’t need to be something you’re not.

Instead, you need to focus on looking the best for the body you have, and not obsessing about the one you want. 

THIS body.

THIS day.

That's your life.

Waiting for it to start until you've lost weight only sells you short. 

It's like saying you're not worthy of affection because you're fat. You're worthy of everything wonderful regardless of your size and that definitely includes nice shoes and hugs.

Next week, I’ll share the style transformation of the client who asked me if he should lose weight.

But today, easy question: what’s the one thing you wish people thought when they saw you?

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