One Simple Way to Look More Stylish & Instantly Start Dressing Better

How to stay fresh in fashion while not going too far outside your comfort zone? (Especially when fashion seems to be run by weird people.)

Even though wearing clothes never goes out of style, fashion always changes. Take a nod from what's trendy + mix it into the new classics you buy. Give the below a try to spice up your look without feeling too “out there”.

Let’s break it down!

What’s “classic”? Anything basic that stands the test of time. Like jeans, a pencil skirt, or a blazer. Think of it like bricks that build the walls of a house or the foundation and concealer for a makeup bag. Basic, yet essential!

Now, examine the trends: based on what you appreciate - in the mirror and in clothes you wear  - that is your framework on what to try.

For ex: let’s say you love skirts and need some new ones for work, instead of a classic pencil skirt (stops at the knee) go for a more modern midi length (passes the knee and/or hits mid-calf). For jeans, wear the same style you enjoy (like the skinny) + indulge in a shredded hem (same fit you love, with a modern spin). 

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One last thing.

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By the way, I am happy to help.

What is a trend a you’ve seen that you’d like to try, but not sure how?