How to shop for & find the best fitting jeans

That moment when you slip on your favorite jeans. Comfortable. Cool. Sexy. Perfect.

The best jeans are the ones you feel great in. 

But who wants to waste hours in a store or returning online orders, trying to find one pair that fits right?!

It's enough to make you break a sweat.

Some pro-tips to help you!

For Everyone:

1. Pick for the cut of the jean & rise to find what works

  • ie. skinny or straight or athletic & mid-rise & high rise

  • Only pick up what you like on yourself or need

  • Do not be ambitious about styles you wish you could wear.

  • Pick out the most basic versions to find your fav cuts first

2. The wash (color + fade) matters

  • Lighter = summer/spring vibes or shows off more body (Do you want to show more body?)

  • Notice the distressing and the placement - if it’s in an area your don’t want to draw attention to - discard and pick up another color

  • Basics first (dark blue, black) before fashion

3. Try on one size up and one down from your usual size

  • Gives you options and saves time. Sizes are rarely consistent in brand or cuts.

  • Pant size isn't personal - focusing on finding what works!

4. If it has stretch buy it tighter than you planned

  • This applies to GUYS too...

  • Elastane stretches A LOT so “too tight” is not going to be what you’re used to buying, but if it's stretchy & a little snug? It's likely your correct size

  • Use the finger test - only one finger should be able to slide into the waistband...not an entire hand.

  • If I can fit my hand in your pants it’s too big!