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Few Other Things
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Next Steps? Please read below.


1. Follow Let’s Get You on Instagram

2. collect 5-10 images of outfits or people that have an aesthetic you would like to emulate.

This person can look like you, or be a complete opposite. The point of this exercise is to identify what styles you like, why you like it, and what you want. Focus on one detail: clothes, hair, accessories, or an overall image. You are welcome to share a Pinterest board or use any other program to create your style board. The more you have to share, the better.  

Email it to Nicole directly at nicole@letsgetyou.com or text images at least two days prior to our session. Please make any relevant notes about each image and why you chose it. 

3. No Shopping

Unless it's a real fashion emergency (you've got a black-tie wedding and no gown or your running shoes have holes in them) you should not shop for the entirety of our work together. In the meantime, relax + trust the process.

A few notes for the day of your @home closet session:

  • Wear easy to remove clothes and nude/seamless undergarments. You’ll be slipping in and out of clothes all day.

  • Keep makeup light, put on any contacts, and blow out/style hair.

  • Eat a hearty meal prior to your appointment time. Let’s Get You styling is focused and hands-on and doesn’t leave much time for sit-down meals. It’s important you’re fueled up.

  • Place garbage bags, bins or other large containers nearby for easy disposal of anything that has to go.

  • No significant others, friends, or other family can participate in the LGY styling process. I would love to meet your nearest and dearest, but no one else is allowed to be involved (cough - share opinions - cough) during sessions. Please note: all pets are welcome, will most likely be cuddled, and may cause squealing.


I can't wait to work with you!