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Let’s Get You Styled

You’re at the top of your game in many ways, but your outfits are just average. We’re here to bridge the gap. Our goal is to make sure that your slam-dunk personality, top-notch skills and your outfit, well, match. Whether you’re after a promotion, a date or ready to break old habits (perhaps that includes ditching the fit of your favorite T-shirts), we know the power of making a great first impression. With our help, you’ll not only look sharp, but you’ll feel more self-assured, competent and ready to go after whatever you want. Not sure where to begin? That’s where we come in! Learn more about our services below.

Let’s Get You to See Yourself Differently

Are you tired of reading style articles and getting nowhere?

Is your fashion sense limited to jeans, sneakers, and hoodies?

Are you bewildered every time you step into a clothing store?

Do you absolutely dread shopping?

Has online dating fallen flat for you?

Are you tired of spending money on items you don’t feel great wearing, but buy anyway?

Do you avoid events or nights out because you don’t know how to dress for them?

If so, that’s not cool.


Our styling is guaranteed to help you:

Make positive, lasting impressions (the kind that will get you that second date)

Learn how to pick out clothes for every occasion with ease

Diminish frustrations – never shop again

Save time and money while having fun and attracting the life you want

Command attention in a meeting, bar or the bedroom (basically, every room)

Let’s Get You Up to Speed

It’s not about looking like you walked out of a magazine – though we could make that happen! Working with us is about looking like you, upgraded. Through our consultations, we take the guesswork, frustration and pain out of shopping and will help you crack the style code once and for all. We will:

  • Define your specific goals, go through your current wardrobe and educate you on what works (including color pairings, fit and accessories)
  • Take the confusion out of shopping. Personal shopping with us is a positively painless way to learn what to look for
  • Create a capsule wardrobe and style head-to-toe looks using your brand-new and existing pieces
  • Arm you with the formula behind your new look, so that you know exactly how to keep looking this good

Expect people to quickly notice that something’s different. Is it that shirt, or that you’re commanding attention like the pro that you are? We’ll never tell.

Let’s Get You Started

If you’re ready to look sophisticated and feel even better, we can’t wait to team up. Click for our free video series on the quickest ways to upgrade your image. Ready to end the style struggle and get some practical fashion advice?

Contact us now for simple solutions that are perfectly tailored to you and the life you’ve always wanted.

Get Skilled. Get Confident. End the style struggle.

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Shopping for clothes shouldn’t be a nightmare

It’s a process that can seem daunting. We can show you that it’s not.