How It Works


Style should be effortless, not stressful.

Are you bewildered every time you step into a clothing store?

Is the inside of your wardrobe a maelstrom of regrettable decisions?

That’s not cool.

Your wardrobe should reflect your inner awesomeness.

Learn how below.


Step 1a bespoke experience

Before going anywhere near a clothing store, our stylists spend time getting to know you with an interview and survey. Who your style icons are, what makes you feel comfortable and confident, and what your personal and professional goals are. This step is to figure out what you want to communicate to the world and how you wish you could look. Don't worry if you aren't sure of everything, we figure that out.


Step 2: never research again

We’ll visit you at home and go through everything in your wardrobe, narrowing down what works, and what doesn’t. It’s a holistic process where we get rid of all the clutter and make way for the new, both physically and emotionally.  We teach you how to maximize on what you already own, and eliminate items with clarity. We’ll help you define all the elements that make your new style authentic and irresistible.


Step 3: the fun part

Based on earlier findings, we create personal shopping experiences, complete with your very own private dressing room. Hand-picked stylist selections are ready for your arrival. We make shopping an overwhelming positive experience. We spend money wisely. You’ll have more clothes than you ever imagined possible.


Step 4: 

Back home, we create head-to-toe looks, complete with pictures to bring it full circle. Ask questions, take pictures and have fun. Best of all, you'll finally get "it". 

If you want to exude more confidence in your professional life, feel sexier, attract attention, have meaningful romantic relationships and, yes, more fulfilling sex, the first step is your personal image.