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Let’s Get You Styled

Let’s get your style struggle handled, so that you can tackle anything and look fantastic doing it. Ready to ditch the phrase, “I have nothing to wear,” but not sure how? That’s where I come in! Its a holistic approach that is fun and clarifying.

Get ready for one of the best experiences you’ve ever had. 
If there’s a magic bullet to looking better, I’m it.

— Nicole Russo, founder of Let's Get You



We chat via phone or a video call to define your specific goals. There's an intake form and preparatory work to get clear on the results we are going after. It's the beginning of a fun, exciting transformation. 

Home Session 

In your home, we go through your current wardrobe and educate you on what works (including color pairings, fit and accessories). We access what's staying, what's tossed, tailored, donated, or burned in ceremonial ritual.

We talk fashion, your style, your life, and storage solutions. We create outfits out of what pieces are left and noteworthy, jumpstarting your style revamp from the first session. It's an exhilarating, therapeutic day of laughter-filled clutter-clearing. 

I leave you with next steps and a deeper understanding of your shopping habits, personal style, and exactly how to we will unearth the "after" image you can't wait to show off.

It's the start of a wardrobe that serves you better than it has in years. Maybe ever! You'll feel joyful, in high spirits, and no longer scattered about your style. 

Personal Shopping

Armed with my expertise and a newfound adoration of you, fitting rooms are filled with an endless array of hits that fit your tastes (or stretch it in all the right places). You try on clothes and have the most fun you've ever had shopping.

Personal shopping with me is a positively painless way to learn what to look for. I teach you why things work, why they don't, and how to spot the difference. I talk you through certain styles, why I feel strongly about an item, how it fits into your wardrobe, and the multitude of ways you'll wear it. 

I encourage purchases based on my expertise, but it's pressure-free. You buy what you love. . 

Congrats! You will have bypassed all the pitfalls of shopping and frustration of navigating stores. Instead, you'll have an extremely successful shopping trip! In a few short hours you found more items than you have in your entire life.

Post-Shopping Styling

Circling back to the beginning, we style head-to-toe looks using your brand-new and existing pieces. 

By incorporating the new with the old we reinvigorate your favorite pieces, giving your investment even more value. We created a wardrobe that leaves you feeling confident, comfortable and creative.

Your closet is a cohesive curation that serves your lifestyle, your body, and makes you look as fantastic as you dreamed it would. Best, of all, you're armed with the formula behind your new look, so that you know exactly how to keep looking this good.

Some Results

  • Random people will ask about your clothing and compliment you often.

  • Your boss, your clients, and your colleagues will notice.

  • Your friends can't help but comment.

  • You'll receive more romantic interest because you'll feel hot around the clock.

  • Your partner's attraction will reach new levels.

  • You'll feel attractive, successful, and confident about your appearance all the time.

  • You'll feel pulled together at work, with friends, and any social engagement.

  • You'll be inspired to be more creative, more excited to try new things, and more loving of yourself.

  • The mirror now reflects the top-notch person that you are and you feel it.

  • You’ll save time getting dressed and packing will be a breeze.

  • You’ll save money and shopping will finally be fun.

Let’s Get You Started

If you’re looking to make a change, start with your wardrobe and watch what happens.