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Let’s Get You Styled

Your talents and spirit speak for themselves, so why wear an outfit that does anything less than sing your praises? If your wardrobe could say anything, we’re here to make sure it’s: “She’s got her sh*t together.” Whether you’re focused on shopping for your figure, dressing for the job you want or looking first-date ready around the clock, we’re here to help. Let’s get your style struggle handled, so that you can tackle anything and look fantastic doing it. Ready to ditch the phrase, “I have nothing to wear,” but not sure how? That’s where we come in!


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Let’s Get You to See Things Differently

Do you absolutely dread shopping?

Is sizing a frustrating clusterf*ck?

Are you tired of spending money on items you don’t feel great wearing?

Do you avoid events or nights out because you don’t know how to dress for them?

Do you tell yourself you’ll feel better once you’ve lost the weight, have the time to invest in your wardrobe or make that pricey purchase?

Is your wardrobe full of regrettable choices?

Are you tired of feeling bored, defeated, and like you can never look the way you’d like?

If so, that’s not cool.


Our styling is guaranteed to show you:

Game-changing tricks that will empower you to dress for your shape

What “effortless” really means, and how you can pull it off

How to banish the phrase “I have nothing to wear,” and make use of your closet full of clothes

Why sizing is rarely the issue

Why spending more but buying less will leave you feeling abundant

Let’s Get You Up to Speed

If you’re overwhelmed by seasonal trends and have never quite mastered which silhouettes are most flattering, get ready to get schooled. Working with us is about looking like you, upgraded. Through our consultations, we take the guesswork out of shopping and will help you crack the style code once and for all. We will:

  • Define your specific goals, go through your current wardrobe and educate you on what works (including color pairings, fit and accessories)
  • Take the confusion out of shopping. Personal shopping with us is a positively painless way to learn what to look for
  • Create a capsule wardrobe and style head-to-toe looks using your brand-new and existing pieces
  • Arm you with the formula behind your new look, so that you know exactly how to keep looking this good

You know the right outfit affects the way people carry themselves. If you’re looking to make a change, start with your wardrobe and watch what happens.

Let’s Get You Started

If you’re ready to look sophisticated and feel even better, we can’t wait to team up. Ready to end the style struggle and get some practical fashion advice?

Contact us now for simple solutions that are perfectly tailored to you and the life you’ve always wanted.




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