1. Are you going to make me look like a douche/someone else/force me into wearing something I hate?

Oh heavens no.

This service is not about making you look like anything other than what you want to look like. You show me how you want to look and I use my expertise to fulfill it (don't worry if you aren't sure exactly how you want to look, we figure that out). I solve problems with shopping, fit, cost, color, lifestyle, body type and all the other details that establish your image. Think of me as Waze for fashion. You somehow get around the bullshit yet end up exactly where you wanted to go.

2. How much does your services cost? 

Overhead can vary significantly. I estimate my services based on the specific needs you have. For example: many people may require very little closet management, while for others we spend hours clearing space. Once we speak I can give you a proper estimate of the expected time and money needed to reach your goals.

3. Are you going to make me spend a ton of money on clothes?

Cost of clothes depends on many factors. Once you have budget in mind and we know what is needed to fill your wardrobe, I curate a selection of styles that work seamlessly together so that you can maximize on your spending. Having worked in retail, I know all the tricks and I use them enthusiastically. The initial investment is typical more than additional seasons because most clients have less to work with and need to build a foundation. I encourage investing in quality not quantity. 

4. Do you make commissions off where you bring me to shop?


5. The people on your site don't look like me or how I want to look. Is that an issue?

Likely not. That's why we talk. To make sure it's the right fit. My services are about you and solving your style struggles while making you look the way you would like. If I can't solve your biggest pain points, I won't work with you. I've never failed to satisfy my clients and I don't plan to start.

6. Will people notice I look different?

Yes. From the first day you will get compliments. Enjoy them! 

7. How is this better for me than Trunk Club, Stitch Fix or some other subscription service?

For a few reasons. Subscription services can only be customized so much and without precision you could end up more frustrated that nothing works. A Trunk Club box doesn't come with an expert standing there explaining why something looks good and why. You can put on a shirt and still not know if it makes you look good or if it fits correctly. It can take rounds and rounds of boxes with an online stylist before they can understand you. Together, we get it right the first time to ensure you learn and grow.

8. Is this going to get me dates?

Well, I can't close the deal for you, but I sure can get you in the running.

9. My office wife/mom/brother/friend wants to work with you too, can he/she?

Sure. Tell them to reach out. I started out doing this for women and love working with them as much as men. I can create experiences to teach you both at the same time. 

10. I do not live in NYC, can you work with me?

Yes. I travel for clients and am currently creating seminars and classes you can attend. If you're interested in either, sign up here for updates.